The Department of

Ecology, Evolution and Behavior

The Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior was established within the Silberman Institute of Life Sciences to promote modern research and teaching in the fields of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. The unifying concept is the role of interactions among organisms and between organisms and their environment, as factors that shape the evolution of leaving organisms and their distribution on earth. Research carried out at the department covers a wide spectrum of fields including animal behavior, micro- and macro-evolution, population and community ecology, landscape ecology, oceanography, conservation biology, systematic biology, and biogeography. Most research fields combine theoretical and experimental approaches and studies are conducted in both terrestrial and marine environments. The department’s labs are equipped with advanced technologies for molecular analyses, experimental studies of animal behavior, geographical information systems, and remote sensing. The department houses the GIS Center of the Hebrew University and has a leading role in research and teaching carried out in the Heinz Steinitz Marine Biology Laboratory in Eilat.

Berman building, room 102, Givat Ram, JR 91904, Israel

Phone: +972-(0)2-8565075

Fax: +972-(0)2-6584741

Map of Edmond J Safra campus at Givat Ram